8x8 Women | Believe, to achieve

Collectively, we can overcome challenges, break all barriers, and aspire for greatness.

Believe, to achieve.

The aim of our project is to support unemployed women and provide them with opportunities that enhance their expertise and offer them a sustainable source of income.
The idea and goal

8 TIMES 8 aims to develop the entrepreneurial skills of women who share the same educational and professional backgrounds, and are eager to cooperate together in setting up a business that will result in a profitable and sustainable occupation that will self-generate into further opportunities for them and several other women in a ceaseless chain.

8x8 will fund 8 project under 8 different fields, with each one conceived and developed by 8 recent graduates that are ambitious and motivated enough to own a business, and are dedicated and committed to working in a team.

Our goal is to reach 256 women after two years and 384 after three years and 512 women after four years, aiming to be a Public Shareholders Company by the beginning of the fourth year.