8x8 Women | About Us

The Vision

To build on our belief in the importance of a women’s role in her society and the value of their empowerment, we founded our project in hopes of encouraging an educated generation of young women to take charge in developing their skills and knowledge, and be inspired to launch their own projects.

Our project focuses heavily on the promotion of economic recovery, and the improvement of work conditions for the women of Jordan.

Phase 1 of the project will start off with an initial baseline consisting of 8 different projects, with 8 women per project, working under frequent supervision to ensure the progression of the work over time.

The idea is to have 8 women working within the same project with similar skills and educational backgrounds.

50% of the project profits will be distributed periodically to the members of the team, the rest will be shared as 30% to be used to construct another project under each group while 20% goes to the mother Company and they will be supervising them.

The Objectives

The main development goal of this initiative is to promote economic empowerment and cooperation among women to establish their own projects by:

  • Creating sustainable income streams for the participants.

  • Helping survivalist economic activities grow into more economically viable businesses with improved livelihood opportunities.

  • Promoting economic empowerment and cooperation amongst the participants, and enhancing the capacity of women entrepreneurs to work collectively.

  • Promoting the best possible access to projects in markets, while focusing on supporting their common voice and increasing their representation and self-reliance.

  • Helping refugee Syrian women and enhancing their skills to be able to enroll in our community work.

The Main Activities

  • Financing for the entire project.

  • Project management and continuous supervision.

  • Business group formation, according to established standards, for the direct beneficiaries of the projects.

  • Building and improving women’s acting capacity to manage and develop their own projects.

  • Assessing the feasibility of the Business Groups’ action plans.

The Project Outcomes

  • Enhanced capacity of women entrepreneurs to collectively address common work deficits.

  • Increased capacity of working women to provide business development services to their communities and be able to benefit as many women as possible.