8x8 Women | Information Technology and Development

Information Technology and Development

The Information Technology and Web Development project will be developing online platforms and websites for newborn companies who want to build a successful image through the internet or firms who simply want to restructure their website to better serve their business’ needs.

The team is expected to develop a full understanding of the company’s business, thus knowing the client’s needs and expectations. In addition, the team will be constantly cooperating with the company to create high-quality and creative content. The team will design and implement a strategic plan, demonstrating their set goals and course of action.

One of the main activities in this field is Mobile Application Development, which concentrates on designing and developing applications both for IOS and Android software systems. Each team-member is expected to deliver across the entire app life cycle: concept, design, build, deploy, test, release to app stores. The proper candidate will be a motivated and energetic developer who takes initiative in their work, finds solutions to a varying number of challenges, is detailed-oriented, and takes great pride in their work.

We are looking for 8 motivated candidates in the following positions:

  • No. 1 web developers.

  • No. 1 graphic designers.

  • No. 1 copywriters.

  • No. 1 social media coordinators.

  • No. 1 app developers.

  • No. 1 web developers.

  • No. 1 graphic designers.

  • No. 1 social media coordinator.